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Prime Time is coming soon!

There are many things to do but we are getting closer to Prime Time.

Now have all of the .zip and .msi files loaded on the site, you can visit them by clicking here

And the forums are now online, you can visit them by clicking here. Join our growing community and help us out with the next version.

So the primary website is coming along nicely (visit here), and have gotten a few good comments on the flow of the menus! Glad to hear it, keep the positive idea’s flowing.Click here to email me with your questions and interests.

One of the comments that I get asked is, why write a console application at all? That is a very good question, and relates exactly as to the why. Simply put, every Windows machine since the birth of Win2K, has had the primary command interpreter be CMD.exe. Our applications run expresedly in this environment which means our base has a potential of over 1.1 Billion strong (But how many computers are actually in use? According to a report by Forrester Research, there were over one billion PCs in use worldwide by the end of 2008 and a projected 2 billion by 2015.). Any one of these users can take advantage of our software, which by it’s essence is Greenware, software that saves you keystrokes, thus minimizing cpu cycles and in the end, the carbon footprint. So join the Green Revolution Now and support SavePathAndReturn and our other fine set of navigation toolsets.

Hi and Welcome to the HomeBlog of SavePathAndReturn

Hi and welcome to the blogging site of SavePathAndReturn, a Complete Set of Navigation Utilities for the Command Line.

My name is Daniel, and not too long ago, I had a concept for some DOS/cmd utilities and within two months, I had created SavePathAndReturn(c), UpAndDown(c), DisplayDirectory(c) and (coming soon) *Across(c) and *Misc. All of these utilites will enhance your experience at the command line, whether in 32 bit DOS/CMD.exe. Driven by being efficient as it’s main feature and reward, these 5 (*7) commands allow you to naviagate the command prompt by:

  • saving and restoring the pathnames quickly
    {**not to be confused with %PATH%, the PATH command or SET PATH=}
  • moving up and down the current directory efficiently and easily
  • c) showing non standard directories
  • d) not using files
  • e) non invasive use of the registry
  • f) very lightweight

Yes it is true that the commands only run in a DOS console, so the main ROI will be for those that live on the Command Line Prompt ( C:\> ). This could be Win 2k8 Server w/o GUI, NT DOS command, Win 8 CMD, or any command executable that has a 32 bit interpeter. At present there are no plans to make a 16 bit version, but I won’t say Never, all depends on interest from the CLI jockeys.

So Ping me back and let me know if you:

  1. Like the utilites
  2. Have a sensible suggestion
  3. Want to tell ushow you use the utilities
  4. Would like to donate to the cause
  5. Want more information

Thanks and many Happy Returns!

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